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...Saves and Preserves your Natural Teeth.


In the old days, a tooth had to be extracted when it became infected. With Root Canal therapy, a dentist is not only able to alleviate the painful symptoms of the infection but also save your natural tooth from having to be removed.


Many people are misinformed about root canal procedures, thinking that they must induce a lot of pain and discomfort. In actual fact, the root canal therapy is a very safe and effective treatment that dentists routinely perform to replace an infected or damaged tooth pulp. Instead of generating pain and discomfort, root canals help to relieve the stress and pain caused by the infection.


As dental caregivers, our first priority is to preserve your natural teeth as far as is possible, so you that you do not need to replace badly damaged or diseased teeth with prosthetic teeth. Our root canal procedures are designed to do just that!

Dr John Khodarahmi, Modbury North Dentist, JK Dental

At Dr John Khodarahmi Dental practice (JK Dental), we provide a thorough and professional root canal treatment to help clear the infected parts of your tooth pulp and preserve the health and function of your natural tooth.


If you are living in Modbury North – or its neighbouring suburbs – and interested to learn more about root canal treatments available in your area, call JK Dental Clinic

at 08 8265 4511.


What is a root canal treatment?


The Root Canal treatment is actually named after the natural cavity found at the centre of every tooth, where the pulp chamber is. When the tiny canals in the tooth’s pulp become infected, a root canal procedure is usually recommended to: (1) Remove the affected nerve and pulp; (2) Clean the inside of the tooth; and (3) Seal it with canal filler.


The cleaned out canals are usually filled with a stretchable plastic material known as gutta percha. A filling or crown may also be applied to seal off the tooth itself, and restore the strength of the tooth.


What are the Causes and Symptoms of a Root Canal problem?


A root canal issue is essentially a damaged tooth pulp. The pulp is the area in the root canal responsible for supplying nutrients and moisture to the tooth in order to keep it healthy.


There are many possible causes that can lead to tooth pulp damage, including the following: Deep decay; injury (usually caused by external impact); bacterial infection; bruxism, cracked tooth, periodontitis and crown failure.


Early detection of tooth pulp damage is key to a successful treatment. The symptoms that you should be looking out for include the following: Darkened teeth or discolouration; swollen gums; facial swelling; abscess or pus around tooth area; Mild to severe pain when chewing or biting; and tooth sensitivity (when in contact with hot/cold foods and beverages).


In some cases, the infection may not produce any visible symptoms that are immediately perceptible to self-examining patients. The best way to remain vigilant is to get your teeth checked and evaluated regularly by a dentist. Delayed treatment of root canal can have dire consequences, if the infection is allowed to spread and affect neighbouring teeth.


Root canal therapy is safe and effective. Call JK Dental Clinic at 08 8265 4511 for a root canal consultation today!

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