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4/245 Milne Rd,

Modbury North SA 5092


Tel: 08 8265 4511 

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Dr John Khodarahmi, Modbury North Dentist, JK Dental

Contact Dr John Khodarahmi Dental practice (JK Dental)


At JK Dental, we love to hear your comments and feedback, especially if they can motivate and inspire us to do even better! Whether or not you are an existing patient, please feel free to email us your questions. Your questions may relate to different aspects of dentistry, our staff and service, clinical environment, etc.


Even if you do not have questions per se, but would like more detailed information on our practice and latest developments, we are only an email away...



JK Dental: It’s about You and Your Family


Dr John Khodarahmi Dental is a long-serving family practice that prides itself as a clinic run by a family for families. We consider it a privilege to be able to partner individuals and families in the thriving communities of North Modbury and beyond, in their respective quest for beautiful and healthy smiles.


We do not take this responsibility lightly but are committed to providing quality dental treatments and services to you and your family. We show our commitment in varied but meaningful ways:


Range of treatments: We offer a wide variety of treatments that consider different aspects of an individual’s dental needs even as they evolve with age and changes in the environment. No matter what age group you are in or condition of your dental health, we are confident that we have a solution to address your specific dental needs. We also have access to a high quality specialist network to refer more specialised or complex issues.


Amalgam-free: We use non-toxic White Composite Fillings instead of amalgam fillings that are plagued by controversy with regards to their mercury content.


Low-radiation x-rays: We use low-dose phosphorus plate x-ray to reduce the amount of radiation exposure that will greatly benefit the health of patients and staff alike.


Sedation dentistry: We offer sedation dentistry to help patients undergo treatments with greater comfort and relaxation. This is especially beneficial for patients who need to undergo more involved treatments or those who suffer from dental anxiety.


Patient communication: We believe in open and effective communication with all our patients. To foster more effective patient education and communication, we utilise cutting edge visualisation tools such as xPLAIN animation.


Relaxing environment: Sit back and relax in our newly refurbished clinic. To make your wait a little bit more pleasant, we have a flat screen TV for your enjoyment. Your on-screen entertainment continues in the clinical room, as you recline on our brand new and comfortable Sinius dental chair – which comes fully equipped with 3D digital imaging capabilities.


Minimally invasive treatments: With modern techniques and protocols, dental procedures need not be painful. We use minimally invasive treatment techniques to ensure that our patients receive the most advanced treatments while minimising their discomforts and anxiety.


Same-day Removal of Wisdom Teeth: Ask about our same-day removal service if you wish to avoid repeated trips to the clinic simply to remove multiple wisdom teeth.


Infection control: We hold firmly to the various infection control protocols without exception or compromise. We use only sterile instruments and single-use disposables to minimise cross infection.


Health funds: We accept the bulk of health funds that are available including Bupa, HCF, Medibank, Veteran's Affairs and many others.


To book an appointment with our friendly Family Dentist at JK Dental Clinic (located in the Modbury North, SA), please call: 08 8265 4511 

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