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Only a dentist is qualified to recommend the most suitable option to replace your missing teeth.


If you are interested to find out more about our range of Dentures and Implant-Retained Overdentures, please call JK Dental Clinic (located in the Modbury North, SA) at Tel: 08 8265 4511 


Types of dentures


Depending on your specific tooth loss condition, you can choose from a variety of dentures that are designed to serve different purposes.


Immediate Dentures: These are intermediate dentures that are placed immediately upon removing the remaining teeth. They are used as a means to retain the function and look of teeth as the patient transitions to conventional dentures.


Traditional Full Dentures: Used to replace most or all of the patient’s upper or lower set of missing teeth. Conventional full dentures may be customised to ensure a precise fit while optimising comfort and appearance.


Partial Dentures: As the name suggests, partial dentures are used to replace partially missing teeth. For patients with remaining teeth, partial dentures help to prevent existing teeth from shifting into the vacant spaces left by the missing teeth.


Traditional Partial Dentures: These conventional types usually feature clasps that attach the prosthetic appliance to the remaining teeth. For a more natural look, some partial dentures utilise gum-coloured clasps that attach to the teeth around the gumline.


Overdentures: These implant-retained prosthetic teeth allow patients to restore bite and chewing function with unprecedented stability.


Benefits of Dentures and Overdentures


Improves your look: Besides filling up a gappy smile, dentures and overdentures can significantly improve your look, simply by giving you the confidence to smile without any fear of embarrassment.


Comfort: Custom-crafted dentures fit snugly over your gums for optimum comfort. Implant-retained Overdentures feel and look like your own natural teeth.


Prevents bone loss: Implant-retained Overdentures have the added advantage of stimulating your jawbone when you eat or chew. This helps to prevent bone resorption, which is a process of shrinkage that occurs when the natural teeth are missing.


Helps you eat and speak better: Dentures and Overdentures allow you to eat foods that you would otherwise have to avoid. This helps you to obtain the nutrition you need to maintain your health.


Support facial muscles: Dentures and Overdentures provide the necessary support to retain your facial features and structure – preventing that “sunken” look that makes you look older than you really are.


Durable: Dentures made from high quality material are very durable, provided you take good care of them. If you practice proper oral hygiene habits, implant-retained dentures are even known to last a lifetime.


To find out how our range of Dentures and Overdentures can provide a customisable solution to your tooth loss condition, book an appointment with our friendly Cosmetic Dentist at JK Dental Clinic (located in the Modbury North, SA) by calling: 08 8265 4511 

Dr John Khodarahmi, Modbury North Dentist, JK Dental

It can be quite a distressing situation to lose your teeth. Extensive dental caries, advanced periodontal diseases and persistent neglect of oral care can all make dental repair impossible, resulting in permanent loss of your natural teeth.


In the past, the only option available to address the partially or completely edentulous situation is the removable denture. Today, dental implant therapy has given people with missing teeth a new option in Implant-Retained Dentures, also known as Overdentures.


At JK Dental, we offer you a range of Dentures and Overdentures to choose from. Using high quality materials and cutting edge techniques, we can customise these denture solutions to fit your specific requirements and precise measurements.

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