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Experience the Unprecedented Stability, Function and Beauty of Implanted Teeth

at JK Dental...


At John Khodarahmi Dental Practice (JK Dental), our dentist is highly trained and experienced in the application of dental implants. As with most surgical procedures, the dental implant surgery demands a high degree of precision and dexterous clinical abilities on the part of the implant dentist.


At JK Dental, we take pride not just in our proven track record of patient satisfaction but our continued pursuit of the quality, craftsmanship and dedication of Dental Excellence. From treatment planning to insertion of implants to the final fitting of prosthetic teeth, our implant dentist will take you all the way from inception to completion – making sure all your needs and requirements are met to achieve a successful outcome. 


With perfectly positioned dental implants, you not only get the most stable permanent teeth replacement option modern dentistry has to offer, but also long-lasting beautiful and functional teeth.


Ultimately, you will have more reasons to smile.

What exactly are Dental Implants?


Dental implants are small titanium posts strategically placed in the jawbone to serve as a solid anchor to hold prosthetic teeth firmly in position. Dental implants form a permanent biological bond with your jawbone to offer unprecedented strength and stability for your replacement prosthetic teeth.


Benefits of Dental Implants


Unlike dental bridges that depend on neighbouring teeth for support, your implanted teeth will not wear down your healthy teeth, but in fact, boost the strength of your teeth’s underlying bone structure. After the “root-like” titanium post has biologically fused with the jawbone in a process known as Osseointegration, it will help to stimulate and preserve the supporting bone. This is an important benefit as the underlying bone of a tooth will begin to deteriorate when the tooth is missing due to either injury or disease. 


With dental implants, you get a permanent foundation for your prosthetic teeth that not only allows the latter to feel and function like your natural teeth, it also preserves your original bite functions and supporting bone.


Dental implants have a 90-98% success rate, which proves its reliability and viability as a tooth replacement option. The success rate is constantly improving, along with new implant techniques and systems that continue to increase the predictability of the implant protocol and processes.


With dental implants, you don’t have to suffer the ignominy of missing teeth.


To find out how Dental Implants can solve your tooth loss condition, you can book an appointment with our friendly Implant Dentist at JK Dental Clinic (located in the Modbury North, SA) by calling: 08 8265 4511 

Dr John Khodarahmi, Modbury North Dentist, JK Dental

If you wish to replace your missing teeth with permanent and beautiful prosthetic teeth, dental implants may be the treatment option for you.


JK Dental provides Dental Implants as a modern alternative to removable dentures and dental bridges. To arrange an appointment with our friendly Implant Dentist at JK Dental Clinic (located in the Modbury North, SA), please call: 08 8265 4511 


Have you lost one or more permanent teeth to periodontal disease or an injury? While in the past you had only two choices to replace the missing teeth – either a bridge or denture – you can now opt for dental implants as a truly revolutionary teeth replacement option.


Advancements in dental technology and material sciences have indeed gifted modern dentistry an innovative solution with which to treat tooth loss conditions. With dental implants, your new prosthetic teeth allows you to brush, floss, eat, drink, speak – and literally perform whatever function – as you used to with your natural teeth.



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