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If you are interested to find out whether a dental crown can help to restore your damaged or decayed tooth back to good working – and looking – order, contact our friendly Cosmetic Dentist at JK Dental Clinic (located in the Modbury North, SA) by calling: 08 8265 4511 


When you have tooth decay or damaged tooth that is too extensive to be fixed by a filling, the dentist will typically recommend a dental crown. The dental crown is a tooth-shaped cover that is placed over a repaired tooth to restore its original strength, appearance and function. A crown may be made from a variety of materials, including gold, stainless steel, monolithic zirconia, resin or porcelain. The modern ceramic or porcelain restorations are usually favoured for their natural aesthetics as they can be colour matched to blend in with natural teeth. The zirconia and metal restorations, being more durable, are ideal for crowns placed in the back teeth (molars) – which are used for more rugged chewing and biting functions. 

Dr John Khodarahmi, Modbury North Dentist, JK Dental

To increase the rate of success for the placement of your permanent crown, it definitely pays to visit a reputable cosmetic dentist like Dr John Khodarahmi. With more than 20 years of private practice experience, Dr Khodarahmi is well versed in a variety of cosmetic treatments – including dental crowns and bridges – that help to restore the health, function and beauty of your smile. Using cutting edge technology and modern dental techniques, the friendly clinician has helped numerous patients achieve successful outcomes and given them reasons to smile. Likewise, you can rely on his expertise to deliver a permanent dental crown – not to mention a long-lasting smile.


To find out whether you would make a suitable candidate for a Dental Crown, consult our friendly cosmetic dentist for an expert evaluation and diagnosis. Call JK Dental

at 08 8265 4511 




A dental bridge is a dental restoration technique that uses a specialized dental appliance to “bridge” the gap caused by missing teeth. The restoration typically consists of two components: Prosthetic teeth and dental crowns.


At John Khodarahmi Dental Practice (JK Dental), our Cosmetic Dentist has the experience and training to customize the right type of dental bridge for your individual case, in order to give you a natural looking smile.


Why do I need a dental bridge?


When you have one or more missing tooth, the result is a gap in your smile. Besides the obvious appearance factor, this gap can create problems when your remaining teeth start to shift into the vacant space. This natural phenomenon is known as “drifting teeth”.


When the drifting teeth start to overlap and create pockets of spaces that harbor bacteria and dental plaque, the tooth loss condition has essentially exposed the teeth to gum disease and decay. Drifting teeth also tend to affect one’s bite, exert excessive stress on adjacent teeth as well as cause soreness in the jaw.


A dental bridge can effectively close the gap and provide an economical solution to the drifting problem. Not only that, a dental bridge can provide either a fixed or removable teeth replacement option with superior aesthetic results. A dental bridge can be made from porcelain, metal, zirconia and alumina.


To find out how Dental Bridges can provide an affordable solution to your tooth loss condition, book an appointment with our friendly Cosmetic Dentist at JK Dental Clinic (located in the Modbury North, SA) by calling: 08 8265 4511 

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