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Say ‘no’ to expensive plastic surgery




Years of exposure to the sun can result in lines and wrinkles appearing around your nose, eyes and mouth. When your body fat starts to redistribute as you get older, your cheeks begin to sag and your face loses the supple qualities of youthful skin it once had.


There are many reasons that contribute to the ageing effects on your face. Thankfully, there is an innovative non-surgical therapy developed to counter these effects, known as Cosmetic Facial Injectables.


This modern and affordable solution has been designed to give more people the ability to rejuvenate their facial countenance without the need for complicated plastic surgery. Better yet, a Cosmetic Dentist can administer these minimally invasive treatments in a safe and convenient clinical environment like the dentist’s office.

Dr John Khodarahmi, Modbury North Dentist, JK Dental

Introducing: Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxants


Cosmetic Facial Injectable therapy involves the precise administration of medically approved dermatological products via micro-needles directly into or around the facial muscles or under a targeted area of the skin. The treatment, while causing minimal discomfort and side effects, produces highly predictable results.


Broadly speaking, the therapy may be applied in two ways, either via Dermal Fillers or Wrinkle Relaxants. Depending on your skin condition and preference, you may choose either type of injectable therapy to enhance your facial beauty.


What is a Wrinkle Relaxant?


More than just a trending cosmetic procedure, wrinkle relaxants offer a fast and painless method of smoothening out those nasty facial lines, including: Crow’s feet (around the eyes); wavy folds (across the forehead), frown lines (between the eyebrows); and marionette lines (extends from corners of the mouth to the chin). Wrinkle relaxants work by easing the involuntary tension around the muscles that result in facial lines.


What is a Dermal Filler?


Dermal Filler treatments involve administering the injection under or within a targeted area of your skin. This method works particularly well to fill in sagging regions of your skin or plump up areas of your lips for a luscious appearance. Dermal Fillers are known for their versatile applications and allowing great precision to design the look you are after. In addition to lip enhancement therapy, dermal fillers are also used to effectively remove marionette lines and nasolabial folds (deep crease lines that run from the corner of the mouth to the nose).


Why choose JK Dental for your Cosmetic Injectable Therapy?


Dr John Khodarahmi is not just admired for his ability to create beautiful smiles for his patients, his intimate knowledge of facial aesthetics makes him a bona fide expert in the interrelationship between the lips, teeth and face. Understanding the importance of facial symmetry and a strong background in cosmetic dentistry helps Dr Khodarahmi achieve the delicate balance between aesthetic and clinical precision – with consistently beautiful yet subtle results.


At JK Dental, we are proud to be able to provide holistic cosmetic services that offer a total makeover to enhance both your smile and facial beauty. Using highly customisable modern techniques and medically approved products, we are uniquely equipped to provide you the best possible treatment in a safe and reliable clinical environment.


Interested to find out more about how Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxants can erase the aging effects from your face? Call JK Dental Clinic at 08 8265 4511 for a Cosmetic Injectable Therapy Consultation today!

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